Impact Campaign
The Garden
Phase 1 of the Fight for Food garden installation is situated in Ngong town, 30km north-east of Nairobi. Installed and managed by Fight for Food's technical lead Samantha Nyakeya, this garden acts as a showcase of the potential indigenous solutions to the food security issues Kenyans are facing today.
Meet the Hero Crops
Four special plants we have our eye on this season—each with its unique qualities and potential to contribute to a resilient food system:
This first season in our garden is buzzing with promise. We're sowing a diverse range of indigenous seeds and vines, many of which have been saved from previous years and shared by our network of friends. Among them, you'll find murenda (jute mallow), nderema (also known as vine spinach or Malabar spinach), and mitoo (also known as slenderleaf). We're also grateful to the Seed Savers Network for sharing a variety of seeds with us, some of which we'll be growing specifically for the seed bank. While not all seeds may reach maturity—gardening is, after all, an exercise in patience and adaptability—we're eager to nurture them and observe which ones thrive.

Of these variety of crops, here are four special plants we have our eye on this season: