The Films
We aim to craft a series of documentaries, each directed by top regional filmmakers, offering diverse voices and perspectives on interlinked issues. The series consists of six films: an introductory pilot that sets the cultural context, and five films focusing on key topics—climate, land, water, seeds, and chemicals—respectively.
The six Fight for Food films examine the challenges that African countries are facing with regard to feeding their people, adapting to climate change as well as keeping their indigenous food traditions and cultures alive. Focusing on Kenya, and featuring interviews with farmer communities, researchers, activists and non-profits, the films highlight the ways in which African countries are forced to push back on a multiplicity of powerful historical and present-day forces determined to wrest control of food production, land and water on the continent, all while grappling with the effects of a changing climate.
1: The Roots

A Kenyan permaculture farmer's race against climate change to revive indigenous crops and secure the future of food.

Directed by Noel Kasyoka
Status: in production
2: The Water

A confrontation of broken promises as African communities and NGOs rally against exploitative land deals, braving repression in their fight for resources and rights.

Directed by Akuol de Mabior
Status: in development
3: The Land

Unearthing the alarming rise of foreign land acquisition in Africa and the consequential struggle over resources and policy.

Directed by Nyasha Kadandara
Status: in development
4: The Seeds

Unmasking a controversial law in Kenya that challenges the traditions of smallholder farmers, outlawing the sharing, exchanging, and selling of indigenous seeds under the guise of protection.

Directed by Maia Lekow and Chris King
Status: in development
5: The Chemicals

Exposing the toxic legacy of banned pesticide exports from the UK to Kenya, revealing their enduring impact on health, wildlife, and the environment.

Directed by Zippy Kimundu
Status: in development
6: The Climate

'The Climate' film explores the issues faced by a country experiencing its worst drought in 40 years—a direct result of worsening climate change outcomes in the region.

Directed by Saitabao Kaiyare
Status: in development