A collection of food films
Fight for Food
Fight for Food takes a closer look at the farmers, scientists and cultural activists fighting to preserve Kenya’s food cultures—and the forces working to take control of the country’s food systems.
Focusing on Kenya, and featuring interviews with farmer communities, researchers, activists and non-profits, Fight for Food highlights the ways in which African countries are forced to push back on a multiplicity of powerful historical and present-day forces determined to wrest control of food production, land and water on the continent, all while grappling with the effects of a changing climate.
The Six Films
We aim to craft a series of documentaries, each directed by top regional filmmakers, offering diverse voices and perspectives on interlinked issues. The series consists of six films: an introductory pilot that sets the cultural context, and five films focusing on key topics—climate, land, water, seeds, and chemicals—respectively.
The Garden
In addition to the production of the six films, the project is also undertaking a technical garden installation that acts as a showcase of the potential indigenous solutions to the food security issues Kenyans are facing today.

Production Team

Microshamba Food Forest (Kenya)
Microshamba Food Forest is an organic permaculture farm that specializes in organic farming and food production utilizing permaculture principles. MFF also publishes informative books about organic farming catering to Kenyan youth with an interest in food production and agriculture.
RADA Studios (Kenya)
Nairobi-based RADA Studios is an interdisciplinary studios that use design and technology to unpack post-colonial narratives and histories in Kenya. Fight for Food is a progression of their investigation into the links between food cultures and Kenyan identities.
The Mother Tree is a Danish film production company founded by acclaimed director Vibeke Muasya. Known for its focus on socially conscious and thought-provoking storytelling, The Mother Tree has produced numerous award-winning films that challenge and inspire audiences.
The Mother Tree (Denmark)